Water damage as a result of flooding or the aftermath of a fire can be devastating to homes and businesses. Priority # 1 is to get the root cause addressed and the area repaired. Here at Olympia Plumbing & Drains, Water Damage & Restoration, our technicians specialize in water and fire damage repair, offering repair and restoration for areas that have been severely damaged by water, either from a leaking pipe, flood or fire.

Leaks can strike fear into the heart of any homeowner.

We all know the damage water can do – especially when it invades your walls, carpets and flooring. The initial damage is only the first part of the problem. Failure to get the initial cause fixed in a timely manner could lead to further damage to the plumbing system and surrounding environment, as well as set you up for mold infestation.

Water breeds mold. Anywhere moisture accumulates, you’ll find that mossy, fuzzy, green or black material that seems to grow overnight. Leaving the mold unchecked not only leads to a musty odor, but it can actually make you sick. Mold has been known to cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, and eye and skin irritation. Exposure can also worsen allergy and asthma symptoms.

On top of mold infestation, the presence of water where it shouldn’t be can lead to structural damage within your home, getting under the flooring and in the walls where it continues to wreak havoc unbeknownst to you.

That’s why it’s important to take a two-pronged approach to water damage: first, get the initial problem repaired such as a leaky pipe; second, clean up the remaining water and resulting damage, which may involve removing sheet rock and carpeting.


Our Process

Once our plumber fixes the initial issue, our water and flood technician (free of charge) will visit your property to assess the water damage and determine what areas have been affected. Since most water damage is covered by insurance carriers, this is something you can bill your homeowner’s insurance for in order to cover the cost.

As part of your free inspection, a technician will utilize a variety of methods to determine the extent of the damage, such as thermal imaging and video cameras. We will then speak with you about a drying plan, which can entail either drying in place without having to remove any drywall or bringing in drying equipment and cutting out some of the affected drywall. This will depend entirely on the type and extent of the water damage. In the case of a toilet back up, for instance, our technician would cut out the area and provide a complete sanitation clean-up of the affected materials.

The water damage portion of the process can take anywhere from three to five days for a typical dry out. If left untreated for more than five days, secondary damage can set in, which sets up the area for the proliferation of mold.

If you experience a leak or flooding, time is of the essence. The sooner our plumbers can arrive on the scene, the better. Call us right away at 619-734-1889. We are based at 170 Mace Street, Suite D-10, in Chula Vista, CA.