The final step in our water and fire damage process is restoration and reconstruction, where we can do anything from a small drywall repair to a whole house remodel. This is necessary after a home or commercial building suffers water or fire damage and mold infestation, in order to restore the structure to its pre-loss condition.

We can address:

• Drywall repair
• Baseboards
• Cabinets
• Vanities
• Complete bathroom and kitchen remodels
• Roof repairs


These services may be covered through your insurance carrier, which we can facilitate. Our team will negotiate with your insurance company for the restoration portion of our water damage services.

Damage can arise from flooding, plumbing leaks and fire. Water damage breeds mold, which can cause odors and health risks. Fires and the resulting water used to put it out also pose an odor control issue as well as create smoke damage. In that case, we will provide a thorough clean-up of the residence, including a wipe-down, vacuuming and running an ozone machine to effectively remove the smell from the room or home.

Sometimes fire can damage the entire building. In that case, our team will knock down any walls and remove any affected material to return it to its pre-loss condition.

We then encapsulate the area with a special type of sealant to protect the structure itself. Our technicians will put together an estimate of the cost needed to restore the home or room and provide it to you for review. As soon as you approve, we can begin.