Mold & Odor Control

If you have experienced some sort of water damage to your home, such as the result of a pipe leak, flood or fire damage, it’s imperative to get that damage addressed as soon as possible. If left unchecked, this can lead to mold and odor that will quickly infiltrate the area.

In fact, water that is left untreated becomes moldy within five days. Once mold begins to grow, it should be removed quickly, as it tends to spread at a rapid rate. Call our plumbers at Olympian Services for mold remediation.


Our Process

When engaging in mold remediation, our professionals will set up containment under negative pressure to prevent any type of cross contamination. We will don personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes special suits, respirators and gloves to cut and remove the affected material extending about two feet beyond any visual mold.

This practice is in compliance with standard regulations through IICRC certification, which is the governing body of the water damage industry.

After we cut open all of the drywall and dispose of the moldy materials, our technicians will then spray the area with an anti-microbial application that acts as a disinfectant. After a HEPA vacuuming and wire brushing, the technicians will set up a dehumidifier for about three to five days to dry out the actual structure of any remaining moisture.

During the dry out, our technicians will return to your home every day to check on the drying status. They will provide photo documentation and conduct readings with a moisture meter where they can check on relative humidity levels, as well as the temperature of the affected area, the non-affected area, and the exterior.

All of this documentation will come in handy for the insurance company to review prior to paying the mold remediation bill.

Once our technicians can show that the area has been restored to its pre-loss conditions, we will apply a mold resistant encapsulate. It goes on white but dries to a clear coat, similar to a shellac finish. This is to prevent mold from penetrating the structure itself in the future.

We will then recommend hiring a third-party hygienist to come in and test the area to ensure everything has been treated the right way. If the homeowner does not wish to have the area tested, they must sign a release.

The final step is to begin the restoration portion of the process, where we can do anything from a small drywall repair to a whole house remodel.