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Frequently asked questions

Is water damage covered by my insurance?

Yes if the water damage was sudden or accidental however we recommend contacting us cause each situation is different. We also recommend contacting us first before calling your carrier cause answering the insurance questions the wrong way may cause a the claim to be denied.

Is plumbing covered by insurance?

In some cases yes however each carrier is different and depending on the policy. Most insurance companies cover leak location & not the repairs.

Is drywall repair covered by insurance companies?

Yes in most cases

Do we work with all insurance companies?

Yes we work with you and the insurance companies to help walk you through the process

Do we install water heaters?

Yes we can beat anyone prices


Olympia Plumbing And Drains, Water Damage And Restoration is your trusted source for plumbing-related services. We specialize in plumbing, drains, water and fire damage, mold and odor control, and restoration and reconstruction.

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